No Techs CRM Assessment Eğitimi

Notechs & CRM Assessment training

EASA, AIR OPS, SHT OPS and other Regulators now require that operators introduce a system for assessing non-technical skills (CRM) on the line and in the simulator; your instructors or line trainers will therefore be required to assess non-technical skills during line or simulator checks.

These systems are Behavioral Marker Schemes, but are commonly referred to as NOTECHS and they can be used to deliver the following:

SED Training & Consultancy's CRM Notechs course is designed to deliver the skills you require to effectively assess and grade the non-technical skills (CRM) displayed by flight crew on the line, or in the simulator.

Students will be assessed after completing all the elements of the Notechs and CRM assessment training. However, when a student completes the course, overall assessment is not required by regulations.